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26Sep 2017



6 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Using Google AdWords

Service Based Business Tips by Deeba Sameer
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The internet is vast, and so there are multiple means of generating money and expanding your business. If you want to go after targeted traffic, however, Google AdWords needs to be utilized. You are about to be educated about how Google AdWords can help you expand your online business.

1. The best part about using Google AdWords is that you have complete control over how your ads reach your target audience. When your ads are specific towards a group of people, you have a better chance of those people clicking on your ads and buying what you’re selling. You are also able to make sure your ads go to certain geographic areas to target that group of people. That’s right; you can target your ad geographically by city, state or country. You are also able to choose your advertisements to reveal themselves only at certain time frames, and this is called “time targeting.” You are thus given a bunch of control over the campaign timing of your advertisements. When your ads are targeted specifically, you have a better chance of getting targeted traffic. So use all the features you’re offered so that you can get people to respond more efficiently. Since the Internet spawns all over the globe now, the competition has increased, but at the same time, regular Internet users have increased, which has made it necessary that you reach out to the right people.

2. Another benefit is that AdWords makes it easy for you to manage your ad campaigns and see the results. Once you register, you can visit the member’s section where tracking of your progress becomes easy. For example, you can use the Google Keyword tool so that you can find some relevant keywords that you can use in your campaign, and you can also check to see how t.hose keywords perform. Not only that, but you can continue tracking your conversions so that you can find the prominent ads and you can even optimize your website to discover the best combo. Plus, you can utilize the AdWords editor that is great for handling your ads when they’re not online so that you can make slight changes until they’re ready to go back on the internet again. That’s why AdWords is far better than any other PPC service out there. That, and the fact that Google is constantly updating their services, so there are always improvements being made.

3. Another thing you get with AdWords is that you can generate an email list of your targeted audience. Any internet marketing expert will tell you that the money is in the list. AdWords is already being used to generate targeted traffic, so you can use it to get people to visit your web page where you can then have them Opt-in.

4. AdWords works quicker than SEO

The biggest advantage of Google AdWords is that it works faster than SEO. Both SEO and Google AdWords are web search tool promoting methodologies to create more traffic and leads. Also, it’s purely a lead generation way of the entire process.

Here are a few reasons why it’s faster and more viable: –

  • You can concentrate on various keywords at once.
  • You can switch the campaign on and off whenever you want.
  • Promotions which shows up on the highest point of the page get quick visibility.
  • Increase brand awareness

5. Google AdWords, along with boosting traffic, clicks, and conversions is likewise a productive approach to tell the audience about your brand. With regards to SEO, your rank additionally relies upon the quantity of your brand name hunts and its varieties. That is another reason you should focus on brand awareness through search and display ads.

6. Another advantage of Google Ads is it gives the opportunity for long-term expansion of your business and can help in expanding the customer base regardless of the size of your business as the benefits of Google advertising is not just limited to large corporations which are often a misconception among business owners. Any business that employs search engine optimization can use Google AdWords like the local retail stores, home business, online shops and a lot more as anyone with a product can increase their sales and boost exposure through AdWords. The constant use of the internet nowadays adds an advantage in using AdWords since Google handles over 250 million searches every day, so business owners just turn on their computers to manage their business rather spend a lot of money on large-scale print advertising.



Many people don’t get people to sign up for their email lists, however, because they don’t know how to interest their prospects. On the other hand, if you just put a little bit of money into AdWords, you can get all the willing traffic you want to subscribe to you. Then, once your email list is complete, you can form a relationship with them so that you can offer them products/services at any time. So the small investment it took to get that list is a drop in the bucket compared to the value you can get from that list in the long term.

Online advertising is one of the greatest methods of advertising because of the capability of the internet to reach out to people around the globe. And an advantage also is the cost, which is much lower than the other traditional forms of advertisement, meaning the total number of people it can reach.

With Google AdWords pay per click advertising method, you can reach out to a large volume of people which can make a click on your ads provided these are interesting and compelling and with the capability to attract viewers. If you are only promoting your local business and intending to serve only the people in your locality or region, you can opt to have Google AdWords local business for your PPC campaign.

Google AdWords for local business will be more beneficial to you because your ads will not be global and you will not have to pay for clicks made by people outside of your region. Google AdWords for local businesses has more refined geo-targeting where your ads are only displayed in your locality.

Indicating that you are only submitting your online business to local search can bring you more returns on the ad investments you have made. You can even make your ad more local by directly including your business address local phone number or zip code, and a link to your local website.

With this strategy, you can improve directly the performance of your ads promoting your local business location compared to ads available nationally or even worldwide. These are more beneficial to business where you offer services only locally and with no capability to export it.