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14Nov 2016



How to Market to a Younger Audience?

Online Marketing by Deeba Sameer

Many small businesses that are just starting out in the world of web marketing tend to manipulate their online marketing strategies to target the middle-aged adult population. It’s natural to consider adults within the decades of working age to be the most logical target population due to their tendency to have some amount of expendable income. However, contrary to popular belief, focusing all of your online web marketing strategies on pulling in a mature, adult audience is not necessarily the best tactic. It’s important to make an effort to attract a younger audience of millennials as well.

Millennials are certainly a growing consumer population in the modern world. They comprise a large percentage of Internet users and are much more apt to use their computers or mobile phones to search the web for products and services to purchase than older individuals. Teens and young adults tend to take advantage of technology to save money in any way on any products or services they can, no matter if they’re buying gas or food or hiring a plumber. Due to the rising force of millennials as Internet consumers, it’s definitely worthwhile to incorporating web marketing techniques that are targeted toward a younger audience into your marketing strategy.

One of the most effective ways to gear your online marketing to millennials is by making it user and mobile-friendly. Millennials have grown up with the Internet by their side. Within a minute, they can judge whether a website is worth their time or not just by analyzing its initial appearance and readability. If your site does not have a simple, readable design and a user-friendly interface, you’ve already lost any potential younger audience you might have gained. Also, because most younger Internet users don’t browse the web from their desktop computer and opt to use their mobile phone or tablet instead, it is vital that your website have an interface that is not only compatible with but is complementary to mobile devices of all kinds.

Another great strategy for attracting a millennial audience is including user-generated content on your business website. Younger audiences are used to forums, social media, and the like. Basically, they want and expect to have easy access to realistic opinions from consumers like them about the products or services your company offers. In order to gain attention from millennials, it’s important that you include plenty of reviews and opinions from past customers in plain sight on your website.

Multi-media advertising is a must when it comes to drawing in a younger audience. Adding short videos and images to your advertisements and sharing them on various social media platforms can help you create ads that are more relatable and attractive to a wider base of millennials.

It can be difficult to gain and hold the attention of millennial consumers. However, by using the tips in this post, you can be on your way to expanding your customer base by attracting a wide audience of millennial consumers to your small business.